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I rode in one of Zoox’s self-driving cars in San Francisco — and it was more comfortable than the Uber and Lyft I took to and from the airport

I rode in a test vehicle from the autonomous-vehicle startup Zoox in San Francisco last week. While the ride wasn’t perfect, the vehicle performed as well as the average human driver. And the ride was more comfortable than the Uber and Lyft I took to and from the airport during my trip to San Francisco. To continue reading, please access the […]

The Wild Ride of Zoox

Ablock from San Francisco’s Embarcadero waterfront is a place you’re not supposed to notice. The little two-story building has no sign out front. Not even a street number affixed to its gray brick walls. Every window and door contains shaded glass, and a black, razor-wire-topped fence obscures its parking lot.Welcome to the San Francisco testing […]

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