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AI at Work

Supercomputers playing chess and robotic dogs generate headlines, but the bigger impact of artificial intelligence is in industrialized settings, doing real work.  For casual observers, artificial intelligence remains science fiction and its big success seems to be in beating humans at chess and the strategy game of go. We see it in videos of dancing […]

Farmwise – One of TIME’s “Best Inventions of 2020”

The Future Of FarmingFarmWise Titan FT-35 With its shunning of chemicals, organic farming can seem like a low-tech pursuit. But this weed-destroying robot, weighing in at about 3 tons, would like to have a word about that. The FarmWise Titan FT-35 is a driverless tractor that uses machine learning and computer vision, rather than herbicides, […]

Putting robots down on the farm

A startup is rolling out automated weed cutters at a moment when COVID-19 has made farm work more dangerous for human beings. Why it matters: Robots in all fields have received a lift from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and farming is no different. One of the oldest occupations in the world could be the […]

Your Next Salad Could Be Grown by a Robot

At first glance, the crops don’t look any different from other crops blanketing the Salinas Valley, in California, which is often called “America’s salad bowl.” All you see are rows and rows of lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower stretching to the horizon. But then the big orange robots roll through. The machines are on a search-and-destroy […]

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