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Pachama Forms New Advisory Board of Environmental Experts

San Francisco, June 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — June 10, 2020 (San Francisco, CA) — Pachama, a for-purpose technology company modernizing forest carbon credits, is announcing the formation of a new advisory board with the appointment of three leading environmental experts from the corporate sustainability, non-profit, and academic sectors:

  • Joan Maloof, PhD, forest scientist, author of several books about forests, and founder of Old-Growth Forests Network, a non-profit with the mission of conserving the forests;
  • Josh Henretig, formerly the Director of Sustainability at Microsoft and architect of Microsoft’s Carbon Offset program; and
  • Scott Harrison, founder of Charity:Water, a successful non-profit which provides access to clean water to more than 10 million people.
    The advisory board will maximize Pachama’s success through regular quality review, expert consultation and strategic direction to ensure Pachama continues to bring increased accountability and transparency to global forest carbon markets.

Diego Saez Gil, Founder and CEO, said: “With Josh, Scott, and Dr. Maloof joining Pachama’s new advisory board, we are well placed to scale our climate tech solutions for tackling reforestation challenges globally. Their expertise in forest science, carbon credits, and mapping impact will be particularly important as we continue to validate and monitor the claims of reforestation and conservation projects.”

“In a world that desperately needs more transparency, and innovative technological solutions to avoid the worst impacts of a rapidly changing climate, Pachama offers a way forward. By applying modern cloud-based tools like remote sensing, LiDAR imagery and artificial intelligence, Pachama is transforming how forest monitoring and carbon project verification is done – bringing a new level of confidence and trust to forest carbon markets,” said Josh Henretig.

Joan Maloof, PhD, said: “When forest owners, private or public, cut down forests for profits, they are adversely affecting ecosystem services for the whole planet, including carbon capture. Forest owners who, for the good of all, forgo this short-sighted income should be rewarded financially. However, to date, there has not been a way to easily reward the forest owners and at the same time help carbon emitters balance their effects. Pachama is the company best poised to broker these exchanges. This is a company that will be successful because they are fulfilling a need – a need that will help save forests and clean the air. I am pleased to be on their board of advisors because they are the right company that has found a solution at the right time.”

“What appealed to me about Pachama’s business model is that it’s bringing a new, higher level of accountability to the carbon credit industry through AI technology. The same way that charity:water has given access to clean and safe drinking water to over 10 million people, Pachama has the potential to help reforest hundreds of millions of hectares around the world. Pachama’s founders drive with such a genuine passion for protecting the planet and helping to solve the global climate crisis. I’m thrilled to help the team at Pachama succeed in this mission.” said Scott Harrison.

The three members of the advisory board begin their roles with Pachama immediately.


About Pachama:
Pachama is a technology company that has launched a data-driven carbon credits marketplace for buying and selling carbon credits from verified reforestation projects. Pachama is the first platform to use a combination of LiDAR, satellite images and artificial intelligence (deep learning algorithms) to measure carbon captured by forests, as a way to validate and monitor the claims of forest carbon projects and bring greater transparency to the carbon industry. Pachama is based in San Francisco, California.

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